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We are pioneer in delivering world-class IT services with over 10 years of experience in the industry. We help start-up and product companies in building innovative and award-winning products and modernizing their current technology products.

Our services can help you right from developing product roadmaps to building unparalleled products to transform your business. We partner with multiple clients to simplify and solve their complex engineering challenges and deliver cost-effective and innovative solutions.

Product & Services

IoT devices are internet enabled devices embedded with sensors loaded with its specific software that can collect and exchange data.

We built wide range of IoT products to build iot smart home and office. Some of our well-received products include iot multimedia products, IT products, medical products, and consumer electronics.


BI products such as applications, data or systems help in gathering useful and measurable information to help business analyze and making the right decisions.

At TrellisSoft, we helped multiple clients across various industries, such as manufacturing, finance, collection industry, and many more in building business intelligence. Our bi process helps them to have the edge over competitors and make the right decisions for their business.
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Cloud application has many benefits over their desktop counterparts in terms of deployment, maintenance, costs, accessibility and many more. To reap these benefits, we work with multiple clients in modernizing their standard desktop enterprise applications by developing the cloudapp with even more functionalities.


Startup companies can find just what they need from our end-to-end engineering solutions and services. Our wide range of services for startups include building apps, websites, cloud computing, embedded software and hardware technology services, compliance and solutions, supply chain, raising money, marketing products and services, and sales strategy services. Our team of experts with years of experience in the industry can help you utilize our services to run your business startup smoothly and efficiently.


Taking a cue from the highly successful world of technology incubation, we’re offering creators a clear path to the funding and support they need to fulfill their vision


Our marketing services experts will help you get the best solution for your digital marketing needs. We provide SEO, SEM, SMM, SMS, and email marketing services to ensure you reach out the right message to your target audience.
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Wireless Hard Drive

Say no to wires, and say no to PCs, now you can backup your data directly from your multiple mobile devices to your hard drive wirelessly. You need not worry about uploading to your online backup services, our wireless hard drive let you not only backup your data, but also stream the data to your devices. Powered by a built-in battery and built-in Wifi network, our wireless hard drive is a powerful mobile companion to cater all your data backup needs.

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We currently operate in two countries out of three offices. We have two centers in India and one in U.S. We help customers from across the globe to build world-class products which are used by various major players in the industry worldwide.

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