Doing Digital Marketing The Right Way
By Admin Posted May 2017

Digital marketing needs no introduction but the right ways of digital marketing do. Do you think having a cool looking business site and publishing a press release once is good enough for successful marketing? Though these will play important role in promoting your brand or products, we are here to tell you more effective ways to make a successful promotion for your business. So, let’s jump right in and explore this plethora of options to take this online marketing opportunity.

What good is promoting your site if the site itself fails in terms of SEO and has no high search ranking? You might be able to reach some customers or target audience through external referrals (social media, blogs etc), but having your site not optimized for search engine hinders your ability to reach your prospective customers. To ensure your site is optimized before sharing to external web and social media sites, a technique called On-page optimization needs to be employed.

On Page Optimization

On-page optimization involves keyword research, optimizing url structure, heading tags, etc. All these need to follow standards set by search engine such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


The title of the page should clearly define and describe the page using the targeted keyword. If possible, try to start a title with targeted keyword. As this is what appears on the search result, making it attractive and optimize will result in more clicks that will eventually increase site ranking.

URL Structure

Keep your URL short and keyword-rich. Short URLs have more chances to rank high on search result.

Keyword Research

Using demographics, define a set of keywords to use for your page or site based on your target audience. Use long tail and low competition keywords rather than short tail keywords to bring higher search volume.

Body Tags

Clearly define each section of your page content using the proper tag (heading h1,h2, h3, body). This helps search engine in identifying your content.

Keyword Density

This is a percentage of how many times a keyword appears on a web page against the total number of words on the page. Ensure that you use your keyword at least two or three times in the first 100 words. Use your keywords with caveat though, as overusing the keyword affects readability of the content.

Image SEO

Introduce images to make the content more engaging. However, remember to optimize the image in terms of size, title, alt text, and description. image size should be optimized such that it should not affect the page loading time. Also, treat the image title, alt text and description as you treat the title, as these help in search ranking in Google image search.

Meta Tags

As these are the description you provided and which appear on the search results, they play an important role in providing information about your site or page to users at a first glance. Try to have relevant keywords and clear description to provide correct and relevant information to user for their search.

Internal Links

Apart from providing ease of navigation to users, internal links if properly placed in their relevant pages help crawlers to find all the pages of your sites. This is a great option to promote less visited sites on most visited sites.


A page may have great design, good heading, nice set of links, but its content if not written properly, will not provide any value to users. To avoid this, write engaging content that provides having at least 500 words. Content having sufficient length with appropriate keywords and density are more likely to rank higher on search pages.


Though optimization for your site has to start from pages on your sites, it does not end there. In fact this is just the beginning. Off page optimization is a technique that will be used outside your site to drive traffic to your site.

Social Bookmarking

Submit your latest blogs or pages to popular social bookmarking sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, etc. This will help in driving more traffic as these bookmarking sites are constantly updated and have high visibility to search pages.

Blogging and Blog Commenting

Create a blog and write articles about your business, products or services. This is one of the most powerful ways to promote your business. Try to write precise and unique content, and submit these blogs articles to blog directories and blog search engines to drive the traffic. Putting comments on blogs related to your business and inserting your blog urls is another effective way to have search engine finds your site.


Engaging in answering sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers is another effective way to drive traffic. You can participate on these sites by asking questions and answering questions, and provide your business links as the source link. This way you can increase your site popularity.

Document Submission

Create documents about your business or blogs, upload it document sharing sites such as Issuu, Slideshare, Scribd etc. These are good to create backlinks to your site and for site ranking.

Directory Submission

Though this seems to be less favored by many, directory submission still works to drive traffic and make your brand visible to users.

Article Submission

Write articles about your business and submit them to popular and high page rank article submissions like ezine,, This will enable to promote your link in the source section which will in return provide options to drive traffic.


Create a platform like community forum for your products or brand to engage with your users or customers. This is one the most effective ways to generate high ranking pages as active forums are updated frequently with relevant content contributed by users.

Press Release

Submitting press release of your brand to popular PR websites is a free and smart way to promote your business and to reach your targeted audience.

PPC Marketing

Pay per click is not free but very effective way to promote your business using ads on the search page to increase traffic.


Getting back your visitors using remarketing is a smart and intuitive method for optimization. It is a non-intrusive and effective way to make returning visitors to your site.

Of course there are other ways to further optimize your site for search engine, but if you follow these techniques, your site ranking and brand marketing will be given a boost