AI and our ever changing future
By Admin Posted February 2020

Artificial intelligence (AI) is influencing the future of every industry and every individual. The emergence of most new technologies can be credited to the rapid development in AI field and its fast adoption in the industry. The future of AI is to be a technological innovator, push boundaries and this will further lead to the birth of new technologies.

AI has managed to create significant changes in major industries such as in healthcare, though still in the nascent stage, diseases are now rapidly discovered and accurately diagnosed; diagnostic imaging in radiology is now able to accurately screen tissues and point out tumors or cancerous masses; drug discovery is moving forward in leaps and bounds. Doctoral appointment, nursing assistance, personalized patient care can be virtually provided to patients.

In the field of education, textbooks are digitized; virtual tutors are now becoming available to students. It is reported that some companies are working with AI on facial analysis to recognize the emotions of the students to help determine whether they are struggling or feeling bored, which enables the teacher to change his / her teaching style. In some educational institutions, robots have already been introduced into certain classrooms, not to mention some robots which are serving food in many hotels or restaurants.

AI powered bots are steadily making their way into customer support services. They are able to handle various customer interactions, troubleshoot and provide a user customized experience among the various other tasks. Therefore the user walks away with a positive experience. Multiple companies are incorporating AI powered bots into their work frame as they see the multiple benefits it yields.

Companies such as Bloomberg are using AI to understand complex financial reports. The Associated Press is using AI to produce nearly 3,700 earning stories per year, which is nearly four times more than in the recent year.

There are multiple companies that are heavily investing in AI systems to be a part of their work flow. Every major tech company is dedicating all their resources into developing new AI technology. Daily AI assistants like Alexa and Siri have influenced our lives and are now the norm. With AI development being so consistent and constant, it is only safe to say that AI will most definitely change the way the world functions.