Why Choose Wordpress for Your Business Site?
By Admin Posted May 2017

So you have finally launched your startup and everything seems to be in order based on your business rulebook. How about creating a strong online presence for a disruptive brand campaign? Chances are you already have a plan and budget for this and you are about to start. But wait a minute, here is something that can change your whole online experience and impact of your business.

We are talking about Wordpress, one of the most powerful content management system (CMS). It has enabled many major e-commerce and news sites to where they are today, and it powers every fourth site in the world wide web. You can be a part of this too. Read on to find out if Wordpress is the right choice for your business site.

Simple to Use

If you think you cannot build your site with no help from developers, think again. With even zero-knowledge of coding, you can now have your site up and running. Setting up is just a matter of choosing your business site name, selecting your preferred design and publishing your content. It is that simple!

Highly Customizable to suit everyone’s taste

Let’s say you need to make changes to your site design while you are on the road or out of office. You need not worry as you can do just that from any PC or even mobile browsers with internet connection. This is what we call true mobility.

For a little bit more complex requirement, say to add a payment system in case of a business transaction for your site. This can be done with just a few clicks with no professional help. For any specific functionalities to add to your site, there is an overwhelming list of plugins and over 350 themes to choose from!

Very fast and responsive design for all devices

Ever got aggravated by some sites which take forever to load? Have you came across website that just cannot be used on a small screen device like tablets or mobile phones? The responsive and optimized design in Wordpress make these issues of the past. Your site will be quick to load and ready to be viewed on multiple devices with no sacrifice on usability.

SEO friendly

If you are worried about your site not showing up at Google search to attract more visitors, Wordpress got you covered. Thanks to the SEO-friendly code and features provided for search optimization - this will keep you from pulling your hair.

High Security

Security is a big concern and new threats like virus attacks and malwares frequently come up. However, Wordpress provides frequent automatic updates to ensure maximum security for users data and that too, without requiring any user intervention. Prying eyes from your sites data and malwares are kept at bay.

Open source and free

Even if you are on a shoestring budget, not to worry, Wordpress is free! You can use it freely on many hosting sites with absolutely no compatibility issues.

Strong Community Support

If you run into any issues or require any help regarding your site, there is a community support backed by millions of users and experts to answer any queries you have at free of cost.

There are not many free CMS which gives a simple and powerful feature as Wordpress does. Many well known companies have successfully built their business sites on it and the list is still growing and will continue to grow. The big question is: What stops you from using it?