IoT Devices Are Here – Are You In?
By Admin Posted April 2017

Ever heard of a light bulb that changes its lighting based on the song you are listening on your phone? Would it be cool if your refrigerator texts you when your milk is out of stock? What if your smartphone can control all the lighting, fan speed, ac settings, and microwave timer? No, we are not talking about the next big thing in tech, the fact is, as you are reading this, most of these products are already in the market! These set of devices aka Internet of Things devices are what powered many factories, business, and healthcare already for a long time now, but now they have become more accessible to the masses.

There are currently over 15 billion IoT devices which can interact with each other using wireless technology. Gartner says there will be over 26 billion IoT devices by 2020. This rapid advancement and adoption make it all the more easy to manufacture IoT devices for any purpose.


First of all, IoT is a network of interconnected devices that have sensors to collect data. They are driven by specific software and the collected information is sent out to a network. To put it simply, IoT devices can be used to track the live data in factory, home, work etc and data collected can be used to carry out required tasks or can be used for analysis.

For example, healthcare can build safety system or live health monitoring system. Today’s market is already flooded with smart bands, smartwatch, and fitness device that can track your activity, heart rate and measure the hours slept at night. The collected data can be used to determine your health and lifestyle etc. Or we can track patient’s health data and alert the doctors. How about the self-driving cars which work based on wide array of interconnected sensor devices and the programmed software to control the car using the data collected. The same tracking can be used for anything including animals in a farm for location, health etc.

Better public safety system and health care system can be introduced by collecting data and live monitoring. Location tracking of objects, people, or things is made possible without human intervention and the much affordable and wider coverage of wireless high speed connectivity made it even easier.

Business can no provide better products, services and solutions. From connectivity management, automation, security, embedded networks, to data analytics and many more, IoT devices made all these possibilities for business growth. As more and more devices are interconnected, gathering of data will not only change the way you operate your business, but will open up a lot of new opportunities. All these will help business to have better communication, management and cost savings.


Need to ensure that your business too get the benefits from these IoT devices? Do a thorough research on where and why you need sensors. Why collecting data is required and how it will help you in your business process. Plan out how you can provide secure network, infrastructure for deployment, delivery, collection of data and generation and analysis of report. Lastly, how you will utilize the collected data or its report for your business.

So, for business, people, objects, places, or things, the ever-growing IoT devices are here to benefit all.