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Welcome to TrellisSoft

We are pioneer in delivering world-class IT services with over 10 years of experience in the industry. We help start-up and product companies in building innovative and award-winning products and modernizing their current technology products.

Our services can help you right from developing product roadmaps to building unparalleled products to transform your business. We partner with multiple clients to simplify and solve their complex engineering challenges and deliver cost-effective and innovative solutions.

Product & Services

Redefining IoT to Intelligence of Things through Analytical platform and defining growth roadmaps for our customers
Telemetry, Data Collection Quick Cloud Connect Gateway Remote device managementFirmware, Data Security Cloud Infrastructure for IoT Custom HW and Applications

Empowering our clients business intelligence with the creation of Analytics products and platforms
Real time analytics Data Visualization Deep and Machine Learning Financial, Collection Analytics Product Adaptation Analytics BI solution for SCM and Marketing

Enterprises looking to go beyond their startup website should put Cloud on their list. The ease of use and the ability to move to different editions make it easy to get started, and the fact that it has great analytics is a bonus. We have experts to help you!!!!

We provide space and an ecosystem for dedicated teams to develop innovative technology fostering a community of creativity and collaboration for dozens of industry leading startups

Taking a cue from the highly successful world of technology incubation, we’re offering creators a clear path to the funding and support they need to fulfill their vision

Our marketing services experts will help you get the best solution for your digital marketing needs. We provide SEO, SEM, SMM, SMS, and email marketing services to ensure you reach out the right message to your target audience.
Wireless Hard Drive

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Business Intellegence – BI products such as applications, data or systems help in gathering useful and measurable information to help business analyze and making the right decisions.

Marketing Solutions – Our marketing services experts will help you get the best solution for your digital marketing needs.

IoT – The next thing

Start Up – What is the real challenge?
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We currently operate in two countries out of three offices. We have two centers in India and one in U.S

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